- Published OCTOBER 2019 on GMARO MAGAZINE -

The fashion shooting for Arianna di Maio Couture. 
For this work I decided to use only natural light and a silver rounded reflector for bounce the lights and reduce shadows, and a traslucent panel to reduce harsh lights. I used a ND filter to get well balanced colors, because we was shooting in early afternoon. My camera was the Sony A7rMIII with a Sony GMaster 24-70 f 2.4 lense.  For this kind of pictures I worked with a high f numbers., f11, shutter speed 1/250 ISO 100, because I needed that everything was in focus, expecially the jewels. Working with ambient light, expecially in early afternoon, let me to get the light I need.  Sometimes I use a white Vflat panel also to add more luminosity to the model. The differences between the white and the silver is that white increase the luminosity, and silver add a glow effect to the skin, helpful expecially in beauty photography.