- Published NOVEMBER 2019 on RIZING MAGAZINE -

One of my works I love more. I think Fine Art is the best way to exprime what I feel. Beauty, flowers, water, colors.... all deep emotions that makes me so creative. I remember that it was a difficult set, the place was frequented by many peoples that was looking what was happening. The water on the rocks made all the work extremely difficult. This is the reason why I decided to use ambient lights, one flash light with a Beauty Dish and a rounded silver diffuser to bounce lights and a traslucent panel to reduce harsh lights. My camera was a Sony A7rMIII with Sony GMaster 24-70 f 2.4 lense. I used a ND filter to get well balanced colors, because we were shooting in early afternoon.


Sometimes we don't have the right image immediately in the shooting. What I always tell to my students, during my workshops, is to see over the shoot. You can get your goal mixing different parts of pictures to reconstructing what you've seen in your mind. In this example I had a beautiful shoot (left image) but unfortunately it was cropped, because it was in landscape format, and on the right side, the second image, I had a good figure on the bottom of picture. So I decided to mix the first picture with the second, to obtain the right result. 

model in white dress is posing near waterfalls



And this is finally the final image. The results are absolutely real, and you can get the image you love.
Compositing help us to obtain results that are not possible at the first sight. Don't be sad... while you're shooting, a careful eye can see where others peoples can't... This is the key.

model in white dress is posing near waterfalls