- Published OCTOBER 2019 on LIKE A LION MAGAZINE -

The work is dedicated to the love for animals. On past summer I had the possibility to work with my lovely daughter as a model, her boyfriend and three of them beautiful parrots. I remember it was a beautiful experience, it was my first time with exotic animals, and all the two days of shooting was very funny. The parrots enjoyed to shoot with us in a beautiful waterfall location. My set up was: ambient lights, one flash light with a square soft box and a rounded silver diffuser to bounce lights and a traslucent panel to reduce harsh lights. My camera was a Sony A7rMIII with Sony GMaster 24-70 f 2.4 lense. I used a ND filter to get well balanced colors, because we was shooting in early afternoon. In postproduction I added flying textures to the dress for a higher impact effect.



This is the original no edited file. Ambient light, one flash light and a silver reflector to bounce lights.
The dress was wet, because we was in a forest with nature and waterfalls, ordinary, but the set inspired me to do something more impressive. So I decided to add flying textures to give more impact to image. For lights I created a nice sun effect behind the model



At this part of editing is fundamental to understand how image can change using the right tools for work. In this case I suggest Fine Art Actions by Bella Kotak and Pratik Naik, (https://thecolorlab.com) and Infinite Color Panel by Pratik Naik (https://www.infinitecolorpanel.com) as the best color correction tools. This is a perfect example to understand how an image can change and become more impressive.



And finally the result. After few hours of post production and coloring I'm happy for the final result. When you are shooting the ability is to understand what you can get immediately and what you can get after in post production. Sometimes mistakes on set can get resolved after. In this case compositing is a great opportunity to add o improve images that are not perfect immediately.