Luca Storelli Fine Art, Fashion & Portrait photographer in Rome


I studied techniques, tastes, and arts from the best photographers in the world to become a better photographer, learning how to be original through my masters; JOEL GRIMES, CHRIS KNIGHT, LINDSAY ADLER, MISS ANIELA, SCOTT KELBY, AMANDA DIAZ, PRATIK NAIK, BELLA KOTAK, KATE WOODMAN, ERIC ALMAS, PETER COULSON, RENEE' ROBIN, etc.. each of them completely different and absolutely amazing.
For this reason, and after years of studies, I created a group of learning resources titled "MASTERING THE MASTERS", all the BEST TECHNIQUES coming from my Masters. A powerful set of courses where students will learn all the different and complementary aspects of PHOTOGRAPHY. COLOR TONING, DIGITAL COMPOSITING, BEAUTY, and FLOWERING RETOUCHING, FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, etc. All the best content, coming from each Master, is explained in depth to understand all their tips and tricks, workflows, and other..

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