Digital compositing retouching course with luca storelli photographer

Learn the most advanced compositing techniques in Photoshop. Layer masks, adjustment layers, brushes, and more to achieve real impact images using elements added during the post-production.
Learn how to add any surreal effect you want during post-processing.
And if you’re good at it, these effects are realistic enough to make anyone stop and take a second look. And even a third and a fourth.

What You'll Learn?
How to combine graphic elements with photographic images.
Basic Compositing techniques.
How to use layer masks.
How to extract elements from images.
How to balance colors and tones.

€49,00 EUR


Look at the before/after images 

digital compositing masterclass by luca storelli
digital compositing retouching photoshop course by luca storelli
digital compositing image made by luca storelli
digital compositing retouching masterclass on photoshop by luca storelli


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