Fine art retouching course with luca storelli photographer

Retouching in Photoshop is an essential process in photography. It enhances image quality, removes defects, and increases overall appeal.
It involves many things, and having professional guidance when retouching your fine art editing in Photoshop can improve your results positively.
You’ll learn professional artists' techniques to transform images into timeless art pieces,  and plenty of new information that can improve your performance and work quality for fine art photography Photoshop. 

What's Included In This Fine Art Photoshop Course:

Video Tutorial: 3 detailed video lessons covering all aspects of fine art retouching in Photoshop.
Project Files: Downloadable project files so that you can practice the tricks as you learn.

€49,00 EUR


Look at the before/after images 

fine art masterclass by luca storelli
fine art retouching photoshop course by luca storelli
fine art image made by luca storelli
fine art retouching masterclass on photoshop by luca storelli


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