Renaissance retouching with luca storelli photographer

Retouching can be creative by drawing inspiration from art mixing photographic style and retouching techniques to create extraordinary and original images inspired by painters of the past. A course focusing on painting and retouching techniques to take your skills to the next level.
With step-by-step lessons and practical demonstrations, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed in your photography with the essence of the Renaissance, creating captivating images that bring the spirit of this iconic period in art history. By mastering the art of Renaissance painting in Photoshop, you can always add that beautiful touch to make your images more attention-grabbing.

Topics Covered In The Course:
- Gain insight into the lives and works of renowned Renaissance painters.
- Learn how to draw inspiration from the great masters.
- Learn about the color schemes favored by Renaissance painters.
- The secrets to compositing art of arranging elements within the frame.
- Explore a variety of retouching techniques.
- Dive into the power of AI photo retouching course and enhance your images seamlessly.
- Learn how to create painterly effects in Photoshop for your images.
- Learn advanced coloring techniques using industry-leading Photoshop panels.
- Finally learn how to make a photo look like a Renaissance painting Photoshop.

€49,00 EUR


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